How We Fish

Walleye Fishing

April through November

Many limit catches of Walleye are taken from late April through early November by YOSEMITE FISHING TEAM favorite method of fishing, Trolling. There are more fish caught per hour with this method when done properly and with the proper equipment. We use custom planer boards designed by Big Jon Otter Boats with Offshore Tackle OR-10 adjustable planer board releases. We also incorporate dive planers along with using Cannon downriggers. This allows us to cover the entire water column, along with fishing the maximum rods per angular. The method of drifting is still used when the conditions do not allow us to troll, or if the customer prefers the drifting method. We are very flexible and will incorporate any method you prefer.

Yellow Perch

August through October

Fall brings in the schools for some fantastic Yellow Perch fishing. It is the second most sought after game fish on Lake Erie. Yellow Perch are well distributed, with traditional hot spots located across the entire lake. The simplest and most effective method is attaching up to three hooks to perch rig. This is then baited with lake shiners and dropped to the bottom. YOSEMITE FISHING TEAM uses ultra light rods with high speed spinning reels to make this tastiest of fish easer to catch. This traditional fishing method for catching Yellow Perch is fun and easy to master with a little practice. The equipment is simple for kids to use and catching lots of smaller fish is more satisfying then catching fewer, larger fish like Walleye and Smallmouth Bass.

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